Just finished reading “Doc’s Memoirs” by Wilmer A. Harms M.D. He wrote it for his family, but since he and my father both went to K.U. Med. School at the same time, and Harms  read my “Alaska Bush Pilot Doctor,” he let me in on the family short-run printing. What did I appreciate about this book? Details about med school classes, required white attire, procedures, and internship/residency stresses in the early 1950s.  In 1957, he set up family practice in Hesston, KS. He charged $2.50 for an office call.

When our parents don’t leave us details about their lives, sometimes we can find a different portal into their experiences — from that of their peers.

By the way, Harms has been a resource leader for many Mennonite Heritage Tours to the Ukraine. Going on those tours to the Ukraine, Poland, and Holland have been highlights in my life — and definitely one of my prescriptions for adventure.