Zip - Naomi learns to soar

I like prescriptions for adventure  — especially outdoor adventure. I read books about mountain climbers, barefoot runners, early explorers in the Grand Canyon, pilots heading into trouble, and Antarctica survivors . I enjoy interviewing people who appear to me as adventurers – translators/interpreters, entrepreneurs, teachers and healthcare workers in remote areas, and ordinary people making a difference with what they’ve been given for resources or talents. I stand behind causes such as Free the Girls, Christians for Biblical Equality, and Women and Family Crisis Centers.

At the same time, I do not applaud foolhardiness, nonchalance, or tempting fate. I applaud women watching out for themselves – and making the time to take self-defense classes and attend self-protection seminars; reading books and blogs about protecting themselves; teaching women safety strategies; working with victim’s advocacy; and forming support groups.

I recently attended two “Realistic Safety Solutions for Women” by Nicole Sundine. Please check out her website, attend a seminar, get on her email newsletter list, or buy her book —any of these are a prescription for  a good adventure:

There’s bad adventure out there that I don’t want – and I don’t want any other woman or girl to have it either. Choose your prescriptions carefully.