You may have noticed that Prescription for Adventure: Bush Pilot Doctor, published in 1991, has gone through a few revisions. Even though the book keeps getting better, the various editions have caused a bit of confusion. Let me help by breaking down the differences:

Second edition Prescription for Adventure: Bush Pilot Doctor

  • original text used for the Alaska Unit Study Guide.

Third edition Prescription for Adventure: Bush Pilot Doctor

  • Cover updated
  • Four new chapters
  • Footnotes added
  • Index added
  • Suggested books and websites included

Fourth edition Alaska Bush Pilot Doctor

  • Title changed
  • Cover updated
  • Size of book changed to match other books in the series
  • Two chapters removed
  • Footnotes changed to endnotes
  • Index updated
  • Suggested books and websites updated
  • Reader’s Guide in back of book
  • Lower price than third edition

I love the new cover, the airplane page breaks, and over-all feel of the book. I think you will, too! To examine it more closely, go to Let me know what YOU think.

If you haven’t read this book, be one of the first to purchase it. The official release date is not until September 1, 2012, but you can purchase it now from my website.